About Us

PH.N.M.O started with healthcare needs by providing emergency medical care where it is needed most and then we started to help in many ways and provide services, goods and money to help the people who need this support. Our aim is to save lives by providing medical aid, services and goods where it is needed most—in armed conflicts, epidemics, natural disasters, and other crisis situations.

PH.N.M.O registered non-profit organization based in Iraq /Erbil, Founded in 2016. We are dedicated to improving the quality and value of life of children and families in Iraq and Middle East.

With complete transparency we strive to positively impact the people and communities who need it most. We serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.

We’re also an organization which is committed to providing donors with assurances that their donations are going where they are needed most.

We started our activities in Ninawa governorate as most of our organization team members are from Mosul that made accessing the liberated areas easier and quicker. We’ve been in different areas after a few hours of the liberation to give our support, help and people’s needs.

PH.N.M.O Program sectors include

Healthcare, Food, water Sanitation and Hygiene, Reconstruction health care centers.

It’s one of the enthusiastic local organizations aims for playing an active role in providing humanitarian aids to the Idps.

We always select staff locally that belonging to the targeted communities to keep collecting information at a most level of accuracy & time saving, in addition to secure accessing to the targeted areas and ensure successful missions.


2016 – 2017 saw the liberation of most of Anbar and Nineveh Governorates from ISIL (Daesh) by the Iraqi Army, Peshmerga and Popular Mobilisation Forces. The destruction of critical infrastructure in cities and towns from ground operations and from airstrikes was devastating. The toll on civilian populations was severe, with thousands killed and many thousands more left in need of basic medical care, protection from the elements, food and water.


During this time, the Iraqi government was unable to extend basic services to affected populations in many areas. Generally, civilians were forced to fend for themselves, while those who were able evacuated to IDP camps outside of ISIL-controlled areas. By early 2017, the UN estimated that in Nineveh Governorate approx. 2.7million people were displaced and in need of urgent humanitarian support.


In response to the humanitarian crisis, a group of doctors, medics, nurses, pharmacists, engineers and logistics professionals from the Mosul area grouped together in late 2016 to form Pharmacists Nineveh Medical Organisation (PhNMO).


Concentrating on filling the gap left by the Ministry of Health at the provincial and national levels in areas affected by recent ISIL occupation, PhNMO provided essential medical relief for beleaguered populations in Mosul and surrounding villages. PhNMO also directed efforts at immediate humanitarian relief operations, the rehabilitation of emergency clinics, the operation of an emergency clinic, and distribution of basic medical supplies, food and water, warm clothing and blankets to IDPs and returnees.


From October 2016 and throughout the battle of Mosul for much of 2017, PhNMO was the only local, grass-roots medical and humanitarian relief organisation operating in Mosul. PhNMO staff followed advancing Iraqi military units closely as they re-took neighbourhoods in eastern and later western Mosul city, sometimes coming under direct fire alongside government forces. During the battle for Mosul, PhNMO dispensed emergency and urgent medical assistance and distributed food & water, warm clothing and blankets, and fuel and heaters for Mosul residents caught in the fighting. PhNMO teams frequently reached desperate communities within 2 hours of their liberation by Iraqi forces.


Between October 2016 – September 2017, PhNMO conducted 53 distinct humanitarian operations reaching approx. 100,000 recipients amongst IDPs returnees, and hard-pressed residents in Mosul. PhNMO is a volunteer-run organisation. The costs of delivering emergency aid were born mainly by PhNMO’s directors and with donations from among the principals’ private networks. Significant financial support was provided by a personal donation by Sheikh Ahmed Nayef al Jarba (Abu Faisal al-Jarba), and with donations in-kind (food parcels, clothing, blankets, medicines and medical supplies) from the Government of Kuwait and pharmaceutical businesses from Mosul and Nineveh Governorate.


During 2016 – 2017 in Mosul, PhNMO was the only local-national medical NGO officially recognised by the Iraqi Ministry of Health (MoH), and operated in close cooperation with the MoH to support the ministry’s set priorities and goals. PhNMO continues to coordinate its efforts in partnership with the MoH.


The Iraqi government declared victory over ISIL in the battle of Mosul in July 2017. Where possible, hundreds of thousands of IDP’s have returned to their homes. Hundreds of thousands are left in IDP camps as large areas of Mosul and surrounding villages were reduced to rubble during the intense fighting. PhNMO continues to dispense medical services from its containerised clinic in west Mosul, and distributes food and other materiel aid at IDP camps in northern Nineveh and near Erbil in the Kurdish Region. PhNMO continues to provide vital services for hard-pressed beneficiaries on behalf of the MoH.